MAGNICOS V1 (T0 + 12)


The first version of MAGNICOS can be tested as a beta test version. It can be used only on Linux platform, with X11R4 (at least) and XView libraries. Images formats which can be used are ENVI like format, DLR format (extension .cos) and LTCI format. A full version is scheduled for T0+18 monthes : it will include some specific tools devoted to phase vortices (a theoretical publication will be submitted to GRETSI 2009). After loading two SLC images (in interferometric configuration), a X2 oversampling (by zero padding) is applied on the two images. By this way, it is possible to find the best sub pixel registration to maximize the coherence : the xima visualisation tool allows a graphic interpretation of this registration so that it is possible to "understand" the notion of permanent scatterers.

MAGNICOS V3 (T0 + 18)

This new beta test version of Magnicos is now avalaible (version 3). Two main improvments have been done :
1) it is devoted to the analysis of phase vortices (see GRETSI2009 article)
2) it requires only X11R6 library (XView is included as static library in this version). Yet some Linux distributions have some trouble with X11 (for example, for  Suse distribution, the  11.1 version is required).

The linux executable is provided as a gziped file (ximamagnicosV3.gz) : use gunzip to extract it.

A test TSX images data (Telecom ParisTech format/EFIDIR format) is provided as a tar gzipped file (imageexample.tar.gz). Use gunzip, then tar xvf. to extract it.


MAGNICOS  V4 final version


The final version of Magnicos is included in the Efidir-tools distribution. It requires the installation of Xima (software dedicated to the visualisation of SAR Images) and XView (requiring X11R6 library).