LG-ENS : Laboratoire de Géologie at ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure), the Geology Laboratory joint Research Unit (UMR 8538) is one of the two research laboratories of the ENS-TAO department (Terre Atmosphère Océan). One of its research axis is devoted to Solid Earth dynamics, with emphasis on the measurement and modelling of transient ground motions.

The LG-ENS EFIDIR team is composed of two permanent CNRS researchers: Marie-Pierre Doin (CR1) and Pierre Briole (DR2), who have a great experience in measuring and modelling surface deformation induced by seismic [Lasserre et al 2005], volcanic activity [Massonnet et al 1995] and evolving surface load [Cavalie et al 2007]. This team was able to detect the interannual temporal evolution of a large scale subsidence/uplift (peak to peak amplitude of 1.5 cm) linked with water level fluctuations of a reservoir lake using a large SAR data set [Cavalié et al 2007]. It is involved in several national and international research projects with local partners as in Greece, Italy, central America and China. As experts and end-users of the sought-after knowledge, they will have a strong implication in the different parts of the EFIDIR project:

Marie-Pierre Doin will manage Subproject II, Cécile Lasserre the Work-package 6 and Pierre Briole is responsible for the diffusion of knowledge and developments achieved during the project.

The team is reinforced by Stéphane Guillaso (post-doc CNRS) who is former PhD student from IETR-UdRI partner, and specialist of interferometry and polarimetry. He will be mainly involved in WP1 and WP4.


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Laboratoire de Geologie
Ecole Normale Supérieure

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