Person in charge of the EFIDIR project : Emmanuel Trouvé, LISTIC-UdS

Diffusion : Pierre Briole, LG-ENS

The project is split in three subprojects and seven workpackages:

  • Subproject 1 is mainly devoted to the SAR data (both signal and image) and aims to a better understanding of the SAR image. Some specific tools will be developed in order to characterize ground backscattering.
  • Subproject 2 aims to extract displacement measurements from SAR data.
  • Subproject 3 is a fusion information step and aims to yield geophysical knowledge.

The project description mainly concerns methodology. However, the developed processing strategy will be directly trained on SAR data bases split into a French Alps site and a Mexican Guerrero area site, representing various geophysical environments. The database is today mostly available, so that the developed tools will be quickly adapted to the site geophysical specificities, ensuring that they will bring geophysical knowledge.