SAR Look Up Tables (LUT)

Tools developed by Ivan Petillot during his PhD thesis at LISTIC, Université de Savoie, for geocoding SAR data and "radar-coding" georeferenced data over airborne or spaceborne SAR images. These tools start with a DTM of the imaged area and the position or trajectory of the SAR sensor. They create a visibility mask to take shadow and foldover effects into account and a simulated SAR image to register it on the real SAR image. The direct and inverse transformations between the two geometries are coded through two pairs of look-up tables (LUT) which provide:

  • the Latitude/Longitude coordinates of each pixel in SAR geometry,
  • the SAR range/azimuth coordinates of each ground pixel of the DTM.

A graphic user interface has been developed by Jean-Michel Vanpé (GIPSA-lab, INP Grenoble) to use these LUTs to navigate simultaneously in both geometries.


The Beta Version of SARLUT tools (C code) is provided in EFIDIR tools since release 1.5.

For more details, please contact Ivan Pétillot, Yajing Yan or Emmanuel Trouvé, LISTIC, Université de Savoie

Petillot I., Trouvé E., Bolon Ph., Gay M., Vanpé J.-M., Radar Rectification of GIS Data for SAR Image Analysis in Mountain Areas, EUSAR-2008, CD-ROM , Friedrichshafen, Germany, June 2008, 4 pages. Full text