LARge DISplacement (measurements for multivariate SAR data)


LARDIS is a specific software platform for SAR image matching, based on sub-image tracking with a Maximum Likelyhood criterium, designed to combine the complementary approaches of

  • the matching strategy to recognize identical targets between the two images,
  • the use of the polarimetric multi-variate information to improve the matching step,
  • the computation of an interpolated deformation model from the obtained set of measured displacements.

while taking into account the properties of interferometric and polarimetric SAR. The process takes into account the noise properties of SAR images, including coherence maximization (with the phase information), and texture or feature tracking in presence of speckle. The deformation field is reconstructed by spatial regularization techniques including the detection of discontinuities.


For an example of applications of LARDIS, please refer to the relevant publications here.


Lardis is provided with EFIDIR tools since release 1.8