SPatio-Temporal Pattern Miner

SPATPAM is data mining software that extracts grouped frequent sequential patterns from a series of images. The input is a time series of symbolic co-registered images, and the output is the list of spatio-temporal patterns found. Pre-processing routines for generating symbolic images from raw images and post-processing routines for localising extracted patterns in both time and space are provided.


The final version of SPATPAM is provided in EFIDIR tools since release 1.7.

It can also be downloaded below as either the final version or the Beta test version.


The archives contain the elf64 libraries and binaries of SPATPAM as well as its pre/post-processing routines. All you have to know about it can be found in the readme file (txt and pdf formats). Please read it carefully. A toy dataset and a real one are provided so as to test it. More details about the other files can also be found in the readme file