We assemble a processing chain that handles InSAR computation from raw data to time series analysis. A large part of the chain (from raw data to geocoded unwrapped interferograms) is based on ROI_PAC modules (Rosen et al., 2004), with original routines rearranged and combined with new routines to process in series and in a common radar geometry all SAR images and interferograms. A new feature of the software is that the coregistration in range between slave images and the master image takes into account distortions due to topography and orbits. Furthermore, range-dependent spectral filtering improve coherence in interferograms with long spatial baselines.  Additional components include a module to mitigate the effects of the atmospheric phase delay and remove residual orbit errors, and a module to construct the phase change time series from small baseline interferograms.

Documentation includes the installation procedure, the module description and thethorough description of  step by step processing on a case example (Etna volcano).