Type: Software


Person in charge: F. Tupin, LTCI-TPT


Date: T0+12

This beta version of MAGNICOS_V1 can only be used on Linux platform with X11 and XView libraries. There are 6 windows : the rwo first ones correpond to initial images, assumed to be acquired in interferometric configuration. SAR images can be loaded if there are stored in specific formats : ENVI like, DLR (.cos) or LTCI specifications (.cxs or .cxf). Once the two images loaded, subwindows can be selected with the mouse and an oversampling is processed on the two images. A fine sub pixel resampling can be added, either by manual selection or by automatic max research, in order to find a maximum of the coherence. An on-line "help" button explains how to use this software. The main interest of this software is its visual capacities : by comparing the oversampled images, some specific pixels seem to be identical on the two viewers (image 1 and image 2). It is the firts step to find Permanent Scatterers and to understand why coherence is kept around these specific pixels. The final beta version (scheduled for T0+18 monthes) will include some original analysis based on phase vortex (as it can be noticed on highly oversampled SLC images). A paper devoted to the theoretical analysis of these vortices will be submitted at GRETSI 2009.



A new version of Magnicos is available here.