Extraction et Fusion d'Informations pour la mesure de Déplacements par Imagerie Radar

Extraction and Fusion of Information for ground displacement measurements with Radar Imagery




MDIS: Mesure de Déformations par Imagerie Spatiale

Prochain atelier MDIS : 7-9 Octobre 2015 - Autrans

Abstract Deadline : 10 Septembre 2015

Information and registration details for the MDIS workshop 2015 will soon be available.
Information on the 2013 MDIS workshop are available here.







This series of images is constructed from CSK ascending data taken between June and December 2010, with 32 days between each image. The zones evolving with time due to glacier motion are date specific. The parts of image not covered by the glacier have been combined using a geometric average of the series of 7 images. This creates a constant background against which the movement of the glacier is clearly visible.   Certain images are particularly dark; this is due to fresh snow.



NEW: The details of the data used for the Mont Blanc test site are now available in the catalogue of the Listic Data Explorer.



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