Title: Transport et stockage de magma: suivi par interférométrie radar satellitaire et modélisation.

Magma transport and storage: InSAR tracking and modeling.





In volcanic hazard assessment, it is crucial to be able to detect, as early as possible, shallow

magma emplacement as well as magma migration towards the Earth’s surface. Then it becomes important

to be able to foresee the future eruption location, its amplitude and its potential impact on

the volcanic edifice stability. In this manuscript, I present my research concerning magma migration

spatio-temporal tracking by satellite radar remote sensing as well as development of models taking

into account the mechanical coupling between a fluid, the magma, and a solid, the encasing medium.

These models aim at providing a way to jointly interpret various observations, among which deformation

data, in order to obtain predictive information of magma progression towards the surface.